About Us

Come Home to High Point

Pastor Dean and Pat believe that God is intensely interested in you and longs for a real relationship with you. That God Himself made a way for you to come to Him through an advocate who paid the debt no man is able to pay. Jesus. Jesus restored the pathway to God, the wonderful creator who is the Father of us all, For ANYONE who will recieve Jesus as the payment for their sin and step in to His magnificent Grace, freely given to all who will simply call on Him, He will fill you with life where you had only known defeat and failure. You can be set FREE.


At High Point Church you will hear the message of Grace. That grace is God’s abundant favor and blessing freely given to us, not because of any good works we do, but because of the perfect work that Jesus completed on the earth. God now veiws the born again believer as if he or she has never sinned at all, because he sees our life is now in Christ Jesus who has no sin! Sin shall no longer rule over you. You are not under the curse of the law but under Grace!

Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Dean and Pat Hammonds are the founders and Pastors of High Point located in Marion,Illinois.